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Life Groups




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Parkway Life Groups are a gathering of three to ten people who meet weekly on a semester-based schedule for the purpose of Prayer, Care, Fellowship, Discipleship, and Bible Study.

Current LifeGroups

Howard & Ann's LifeGroup

Home Group // Monday // 6:30 pm 

Ronnie & Linda's LifeGroup

Home Group // Tuesday // 6:00 pm 

Jeremiah's LifeGroup

Home Group // Saturday // 6:00 pm 

Sunday Morning LifeGroup

Meets at Bojangles // Sunday // 9:45 am 

Young Men's LifeGroup

Meets at Starbucks // Sunday // 5:00 pm

Jeremiah's LifeGroup Story

Howard & Ann's LifeGroup Story



Ronnie & Linda's LifeGroup Story


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